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JA Resorts & Hotels

Area of Expertise

Web Design, Web Development, Booking Solution, Integration Solutions, Payment Gateway


JA Resorts & Hotels




JA Resorts & Hotels are one of the leading hospitality brands in the region and have 7 hotels located in 3 countries.

Needless to say the hospitality industry is one of the most competitive markets out there and having a state of the art web presence is a must, as each minute lost is equivalent to money lost. We started working with the client on a brand new website that would allow them to not only achieve the web presence they deserve, but offer their clientele an amazing experience, ease of booking and showcasing their amazing array of services.



Unlike other industries, hospitality based sites tend to contain a lot of content and needless to say, this site very heavy on content. We had to find a solution that represented the brand, was extremely user friendly, easy to book, extremely responsive, fast and last but not least optimized for SEO & PPC initiatives. We were fortunate enough to work with a vast amount of resources from the client side that were both motivated and professional and together we successfully launched a site that achieves everything that was set out from day one.

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