Case Study: The Deli

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Generated for every
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We doubled Google Ad
sales in 60 days


Increase in Google Ad
traffic in 60 days

The Deli's PPC Success: Boosting Sales & Traffic"

Unleashing Growth in the Competitive Catering Industry
Stellar ROI: $31 Generated for Every $1 Spent on Ads

Our meticulously crafted Google Ads PPC campaign for The Deli, a corporate catering company, generated an impressive $31 for every $1 spent. Our team's deep understanding of the competitive catering industry played a crucial role in achieving this outstanding return on investment.

Doubling Google Ad Sales in Just 60 Days

Through our expertise in ad targeting and optimization, we managed to double The Deli's Google Ad sales within a mere 60 days. This swift success showcases our ability to drive exceptional results in highly competitive markets.

Boosting Website Traffic in a Two-Month Span

In addition to doubling ad sales, our PPC campaign also increased The Deli's website traffic significantly within the same 60-day period. This surge in visitors helped expand their reach and attract new clientele in the corporate catering sector.

Navigating the Competitive Catering Landscape with Success

Our tailored Google Ads PPC strategy for The Deli has delivered exceptional results in the competitive corporate catering industry. With impressive ROI, increased sales, and boosted traffic, we continue to demonstrate our expertise in achieving remarkable growth.

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Data-driven digtal marketing agency Perth

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