Case Study: Karpi Design

Webflow masters looking to dominate the
world of clean-tech web design

Four KW’s ranked on
Page 1 in < 60 days


Growth in impressions
in < 60 days


Growth in organic clicks in
< 60 days

Karpi Design Studio's SEO Breakthrough
In Miami, USA

Webflow Developer Soars in Miami Market
Four High-Value Keywords Ranked on Page 1 in 60 Days

Our expert SEO campaign for Karpi Design Studio, a Miami-based Webflow developer, successfully ranked four high-value keywords on Page 1 in less than 60 days. Our team's deep understanding of the web development industry played a crucial role in this achievement.

Growing Impressions by 36% within Two Months

With our innovative SEO strategies, we were able to grow Karpi Design Studio's impressions by an impressive 36% within 60 days. This increase showcases our ability to improve online visibility and drive results for our clients in competitive markets.

Boosting Organic Clicks by 18% in Just 60 Days

Our tailored SEO campaign for Karpi Design Studio also resulted in an 18% growth in organic clicks within the same 60-day period. This demonstrates our ability to effectively optimize websites to attract and engage valuable organic traffic.

Elevating Karpi Design Studio's Web Development Expertise

Our strategic SEO campaign for Karpi Design Studio has delivered exceptional results in the competitive web development market. With improved keyword rankings, increased impressions, and organic clicks, we continue to demonstrate our expertise in driving growth for our clients.

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Data-driven digtal marketing agency Perth

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“They were able to get us to page 1 on Google in a few months and keep us there. I highly recommend them to anyone looking to rank on Google and capture leads. The team is highly skilled and responsive”

James Tang - Owner, Ready Team One

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